Professor Kalir Appears on Sirius XM Potus Radio Show

On June 29, 2018, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir appeared on Sirius XM POTUS Radio’s “The Morning Briefing” show, and discussed the recently-announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court. A day earlier, Professor Kalir appeared on Philadelphia WURD radio’s “Reality Check” to discuss the same issue. Professor Kalir emphasized that other than focusing on the likely shape of the future Supreme Court, it is worthwhile to linger, if just for a moment, on the reasons that caused Justice Kennedy to retire now from the Court.

Professor Plecnik Cited by U.S. Supreme Court

plecnik supreme court citeOn June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States cited to the work of Professor John Plecnik, who serves as an Associate Professor of Law at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University.  Justice Sonia Sotomayor cited Professor Plecnik‘s article, “Officers Under the Appointments Clause,” 11 Pitt. Tax Rev. 201 (2014), in her dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court case of Lucia v. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The majority held that Administrative Law Judges or ALJs at the SEC are “Officers of the United States” subject to the Appointments Clause, whereas Justice Sotomayor, joined by Justice Ginsburg, would have held such ALJs are mere employees.  You can read the published works of Professor Plecnik for free on and the Lucia case is already available on the Supreme Court’s website.supreme court pic

Here is the link to “Officers Under the Appointments Clause”:
Here is the link to Lucia v. SEC:

Sagers Writes on U. Chicago Blog on Supreme Court Credit Card Decision

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, wrote on ProMarket, the blog of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago, on the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday in Ohio v. American Express. In that case, a five member majority found that “anti-steering” rules imposed by American Express on merchants who accept its cards do not violate antitrust law. Sagers considered the so-called “two-sided market” theory on which the Court founded its decision, and what its acceptance by the Court says about antitrust enforcement more generally.

Professor Kalir Testifies Before Cuyahoga County Council

Doron Kalir PhotoOn Tuesday, June 26, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir testified before the Cuyahoga County Council. The Council considered proposed legislation banning discrimination against LGBTQ members based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Professor Kalir reviewed current Supreme Court jurisprudence on the subject, explained why the legislation was critical, and ended his testimony with the following statement: “Today is my son’s ninth birthday. He hopes to grow up in a county that treats all of its members with equal dignity, acceptance, and respect. For him, and for all the children like him, I urge the Council to pass this legislation.”
Many key figures of the LGBTQ activist community provided testimony and answered questions from the council members. Among those were Professor (Emerita) Susan Becker, who has been arguing LGBTQ cases for over 30 years; Alumna and Executive Director of Equality Ohio, Alana Jochum, alumna and ACLU Staff Attorney Elizabeth Bonham, and the CEO & President of NE Ohio Diversity Center, Peggy Zone Fisher. 

Sagers Appears on Wisconsin and OSU Public Radio Programs, Participates in Continued AT&T Media Blitz

As intense media scrutiny continues of the Justice Department’s historic loss in merger challenge to AT&T and Time Warner, Inc., Professor Chris Sagers spoke with outlets across the country and internationally. In general, he shared his view that Judge Richard Leon’s opinion contained certain serious mistakes and surprisingly extensive evidence of anti-government bias, and that it probably will be remembered among the more regrettable opinions in antitrust history.
He spoke about the decision on public affairs programs of both Wisconsin Public Radio  and WOSUthe public radio station of Ohio State University.
He was also quoted by the Wall Street JournalBloombergAgence-France PresseDealReporter (subscription), the BigThink blog, Business Standard, Newstage , and CBS Miami.
Some stories quoting him were carried internationally, including in France, Italy, and the Philippines.

Sagers Essays on Slate and ProMarket Critical of AT&T Merger Ruling

Professor Chris Sagers posted essays concerning the Justice Department’s historic loss in United States v. AT&T, its antitrust challenge to AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, Inc., and the opinion written in that case by Judge Richard Leon of the U.S. Disctict Court for the District of Columbia.
Sagers is sharply critical of the opinion for explicit, uncommonly sharp anti-government bias and for serious factual errors. His posts on Slate  and ProMarket , the blog of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago.

Professor Witmer-Rich Participates as Guest in The Sound of Ideas Radio Show on 90.3/WCPN

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich was a guest on WCPN’s The Sound of Ideas, discussing the 50th anniversary of Terry v. Ohio and its impact on policing throughout the country.  He also discussed the recent controversial practice by the Trump administration of separating immigrant children from their parents–a result of the administration’s decision to pursue criminal charges against all suspected illegal entrants rather than continuing the long-standing practice of using civil immigration proceedings.

A link to the program is available here: