Sagers Quoted in New York Times and Wall Street Journal on Fox-Disney Merger

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke with both the Wall Street Journal  and New York Times columnist James Stewart for his “Common Sense” column, about the deal announced this week in which the Disney organization proposes to acquire substantial parts of the Twenty-First Century Fox film and TV production empire.

Sagers Speaks to Variety and Agence France-Presse on Fox/Disney

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, has spoken with a range of national and international media outlets about the closely-watched pending acquisition by the Disney company of Twenty-First Century Fox. This past week, he spoke with Variety magazine  and Agence France-Presse.

Professor Sterio Attends International Criminal Court Assembly at the United Nations


United Nations’ Building

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio attended the 16th Session of the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which took place from December 4-14 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  Professor Sterio attended the ASP as a delegate for the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG), a Washington, D.C.-based NGO.  Professor Sterio serves on the Board of Directors of the PILPG.


16th Session of the Assembly of State Parties of the ICC

The ICC is the only permanent international criminal tribunal; its seat is at The Hague and it currently has jurisdiction over three sets of crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.  The ASP is the management oversight and legislative body of the ICC.  It is composed of representatives of states that have ratified and acceded to the Rome Statute of the ICC.  Issues discussed at this year’s ASP included the election of new ICC judges, states’ cooperation with the ICC and some states’ failure to execute ICC arrest warrants, and adding the crime of aggression to the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Professor Sterio has blogged about her experience at the ASP on Intlawgrrls; her post is available here.

Prof. Sundahl Meets with Director of UAE Space Agency

Prof. Mark Sundahl, the director of C|M|LAW’s Global Space Law Center, recently attended a dinner at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, D.C. to meet with the head of the UAE Space Agency.  The dinner was a roundtable discussion with leading figures in the commercial space industry regarding the UAE’s ambitions in space.  The UAE intends to launch its Hope spacecraft to Mars in 2020 as a first step toward creating a permanent human settlement on Mars.


Professor Majette Speaks at National Conference on Health Care Reform

Professor Gwendolyn Majette presented her work-in-progress entitled, “The ACA’s New Governing Architecture and Innovative State Delivery System Reform Initiatives in the Age of a New Presidency,” on October 26, 2017 at a national conference on health care reform entitled “Next Steps in Health Care Reform.”  This conference brought together national leaders in health care law, policy, economics, and administration to track implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other statutes; identify developments on the horizon; and offer bold, new ideas for balancing cost, access, quality and patient autonomy in our rapidly changing health care system.  Professor Majette’s piece examined the comprehensive or global cost control systems recently implemented by Maryland and Massachusetts in light of the ACA.  

Several plenary sessions were recorded and broadcast on C-Span, including this one which featured Professor Majette.

Professor Sagers Speaks to Multiple Outlets on AT&T/Time Warner

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law, spoke with a number of media outlets about the Justice Department’s suit to challenge the pending merger of AT&T and Time Warner, Inc. He spoke with Bloomberg for an in-depth portrait of the Justice Department’s apparent new antirust agenda, which was also carried in the Seattle Times.
He spoke with Bloomberg for a separate story about the merging parties’ somewhat surprising answer to the government’s complaint, and he spoke with the Global Competition Review about how the deal differs from its closest analog, the 2011 merger of Comcast and NBC Universal.
Separately he was featured in two reports on the lawsuit for subscription newsletters, by Diane Alter of CTFN and Esther D’Amico of Deal Reporter.

Professor Forte Presents Paper; Writes Essays for Massey News at University of Toronto

David Forte presented a paper entitled, “Righting a Wrong: Warren G. Harding and the Espionage Act Prosecutions,” at the Colloquium, National Security, National Origin, and National Security, 75 Years after EO9066, held at Case Western Reserve  Law School.  He also penned a remebrance essay, “A Great and Good Place,” for the  the 2016/2017 edition of Massey News, the journal of Massey College at the University of Toronto where Professor Forte received his Ph.D.

Professor Mickey Davis’ Letter to the Editor Published by The New York Times

Professor Mickey Davis’  Letter to the Editor was published in The New York Times on December 3d.  Professor Davis’ Letter comments on a recently published New York Times article on art made by Guantanamo prisoners and the United States government’s erroneous assertion that it owns such art.  According to Professor Davis’ Letter, “[t]he government cannot destroy the copyright that each prisoner owns in his works. Under United States copyright law, that right belongs to each prisoner-artist for the next 70-plus years.”

Crain’s Cleveland Business reported on Professor Davis’ Letter to the Editor to The New York Times on December 4th.