Professor Sterio Speaks on Ukraine Conflict

Professor Milena Sterio was quoted in a Yahoo Finance article about the ongoing International Court of Justice case involving Ukraine’s lawsuit against Russia under the Genocide Convention.  The article is available here:

Professor Milena Sterio participated in an episode of the “Talking Foreign Policy” radio show, which focused on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.  The episode will be broadcast on WCPN/90.3 on Monday, March 21, at 9:00 am and at 9:00 p.m. 

Professor Milena Sterio (left), with Professor and Dean Michael Scharf of Case Western Reserve University Law School.

Professor Sterio Speaks on Conflicts in Ukraine, Yemen

Professor Milena Sterio participated as a speaker in a webinar titled “Rapid Response on Ukraine: Understanding the Crisis” on March 10.  The webinar was organized by the Academy for Human Rights.

Professor Sterio also moderated a panel discussion on March 10, titled “Rule of Law in Yemen: The Impact of the War on Yemen’s Justice System.”  The panel discussion was organized by the Public International Law & Policy Group, and a recording of the panel is available here:

Professor Mika Presents on AI in Legal Writing

Professor Karin Mika recently presented at the Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing, held at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. Her presentation was titled, “Friend or Foe? Lexis Artificial Intelligence in Legal Writing.” Professor Mika discussed the pros and cons of two relatively new Lexis products — Brief Analysis, which analyzes written briefs and gives suggestions for additional case law, and the Lexis add-on for Microsoft Word, which not only enables side-by-side research and source checking, but purportedly reviews citations to make sure they are in proper Bluebook format.  

Professor Laser Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Patent Case

Professor Christa Laser was quoted in an article in Bloomberg Law titled “Suppliers Out in Patent License Talks After Appeals Ruling.” The article discusses a recent Fifth Circuit case in which suppliers of cellular components for cars sued standard essential patent holders for alleged antitrust violations, claiming that the patentees failed to license on fair and reasonable terms as required by their standardization agreements. In the article, Professor Laser explains that the Fifth Circuit avoided the merits of the antitrust claims brought by suppliers by finding that they lacked standing, but OEMs might be able to sue.

Professor Sagers Publishes on Mergers

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, will publish his paper “Why Do Corporations Merge and Why Should Law Care?” in the Michigan Journal of Law Reform. The paper concerns a surprising empirical puzzle that is well-established and significant, but almost completely ignored by American law: that on average, corporate mergers and other acquisitions appear to do no demonstrable good for corporations, their shareholders, or anyone else. Sagers’ paper comprehensively surveys the empirical literature, works through the several serious puzzles it implies, and suggests policy corrections to take better account of it.

Professor Sterio Speaks on Ukraine-Russia Conflict at Multiple Events

Professor Milena Sterio was a guest on The Sound of Ideas radio program on WCPN/90.3 on February 22, to discuss international law issues related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In addition, Professor Sterio moderated a discussion on 03/02 on “Happy Dog Takes on the Ukraine Crisis.”  This event was organized by the City Club of Cleveland and sponsored by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.  A recording of the event is available here:

On March 4, Professor Sterio moderated a panel discussion “The Role of International Law in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict.”  The panel discussion was organized by the Public International Law and Policy Group, and guest speakers included The Honorable Stephen Rapp, former Ambassador for War Crimes, U.S. Department of State; Professor Jennifer Trahan, NYU; Professor Meg deGuzman, Temple Law School; and Professor Yvonne Dutton, University of Indiana McKinney School of Law.  A recording of the event is available here:

Professor Sterio, with a group of academics and practitioners, under the auspices of the Public International Law and Policy Group, has been working on the creation of a website portal, “Ukraine Transitional Justice & Documentation.”  The portal is available here:

The purpose of the portal is to provide capacity building for civil society organizations and other individuals interested in documenting war crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine.  The portal also has information about transitional justice and accountability; much of the information is available both in English and in Ukrainian.

Finally, Professors John Plecnik, Brian Ray, Milena Sterio, and Mark Sundahl participated in a Cleveland-Marshall webinar about the Russia-Ukraine conflict on March 7th.  The webinar was moderated by Professor David Forte and co-sponsored by the Dean’s Ad Hoc Committee on Informed Discourse.  A recording of the webinar is available here.