Sagers Appears on Wisconsin and OSU Public Radio Programs, Participates in Continued AT&T Media Blitz

As intense media scrutiny continues of the Justice Department’s historic loss in merger challenge to AT&T and Time Warner, Inc., Professor Chris Sagers spoke with outlets across the country and internationally. In general, he shared his view that Judge Richard Leon’s opinion contained certain serious mistakes and surprisingly extensive evidence of anti-government bias, and that it probably will be remembered among the more regrettable opinions in antitrust history.
He spoke about the decision on public affairs programs of both Wisconsin Public Radio  and WOSUthe public radio station of Ohio State University.
He was also quoted by the Wall Street JournalBloombergAgence-France PresseDealReporter (subscription), the BigThink blog, Business Standard, Newstage , and CBS Miami.
Some stories quoting him were carried internationally, including in France, Italy, and the Philippines.

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