C|M|LAW Hosts Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean

White House Counsel John Dean (1973)

As part of C|M|LAW’s enhanced effort to bring issues of ethics and professionalism into the culture of discussion in the law school community, C|M|LAW hosted Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean for a full day of events on Thursday, April 19.  Mr. Dean began the day by appearing on The Sound of Ideas radio show, with Host Mike McIntyre, at WCPN 90.3 FM.  He appeared on the radio show with C|M|LAW Dean Craig Boise to discuss, in part, the teaching of ethics and professionalism in the law schools.  Mr. Dean met with C|M|LAW students for 1 1/2 hours later that morning to educate them about his experiences, what he learned about ethics and the legacy that Watergate has left us in the form of enhanced rules of legal ethics.  After lunch with a small group of guests and university officials, Mr. Dean held a discussion with the C|M|LAW faculty.  He answered questions about his experiences and the impact they had on his own life and the lives of others.  In the evening, Mr. Dean presented a continuing legal education program with Mr. Jim Robinault (Thompson Hine) in the C|M|LAW Moot Court Room to a crowd of 250-300 people.  At that program, Mr. Dean focused on the events of the first week following the break-in, discussed his testimony before the Senate, and showed video clips of that testimony and other commentary.

John Dean (Today)

Listen to Watergate at 40 on WCPN at http://www.ideastream.org/soi/entry/46411

Sundahl Quoted in Space News Regarding Virgin Galactic Space Flights

Associate Dean Mark Sundahl

C|M|LAW Associate Dean Mark Sundahl was quoted in a Space News article, Virgin Galactic Granted License Exemption for Spaceflight Experience, by Dan Leon.  The article concerned the decision by the U.S. State Department not to require Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s space flight corporation, to obtain an export license for flying non-U.S. citizens on suborbital jaunts departing from New Mexico’s Spaceport America.  According to the article, “Virgin Galactic, which now expects to fly its first paying customers in 2013, was told by the U.S. government that the company may fly non-U.S. citizens to the edge of space without first obtaining an export license from the State Department.”  Sundahl clarified that Virgin Galactic was asking “that their operations be removed from the scope of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.”  The ruling means that [Virgin Galactic’s] operations will not be ITAR-controlled.  “Virgin’s flight hardware, Sundahl added, would remain under export control. However, he said the determination was, on the whole, “good news for Virgin Galactic and the entire space tourism industry.””  In addition, Sundahl said that “without this determination from State, allowing a non-U.S. citizen to ride in a Virgin spacecraft — or even training a non-U.S. citizen to do so — would legally have been an export activity that required federal approval.”

To read the Space News article, click here:


Forte Debates: Secular Onslaught Against Religion, Islam Compatibility with Democracy

C|M|LAW Professor David Forte spoke on April 9 at Northern Kentucky University.  He  participated in a debate on the question Can the Secularist Onslaught against Religion Be Halted? with Edward F. Kagan, National Legal Director, American Atheists, Inc.  In addition, on April 16, he debated Dean Martin Belsky (Akron Law) on the question Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

Weinstein and McCleary Publish on the Association of Adult Businesses with Secondary Effects, and Present at the Association of American Geographers Conference

Professor Alan Weinstein

C|M|LAW Professor Alan Weinstein published (with Richard McCleary), The Association of Adult Businesses with Secondary Effects: The Legal Doctrine, Social Theory, and Empirical Evidence, in the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal.

In addition, Weinstein presented their work from this article on February 25 at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Conference in New York, New York as part of a track titled “Erotic Cities: Geographies of the Sexual Economy.” Over 7,000 geographers and environmental scientists from around the globe attended the Conference.

The Erotic Cities track featured papers that discussed various aspects of two phenomena: (1) the visible spatial sexualisation of the city as seen by the movement of commercial sex activities from the periphery to the mainstream, spatially and socially and (2) the complementary invisible spatial sexualisation of the city, with the internet providing a platform for those who want to convert their sexual desires into realities via various social networking sites.

Other presenters/papers in this track included:

Amber Martin, The University of Nottingham, “Sex Shops in England’s Cities: From the Backstreets to the High Street.”

Paul J Maginn, University of Western Australia and Christine A Steinmetz, University of New South Wales “Erotic Sydney: The Sexual Economy, Global City Status and Urban Cosmopolitanism.”

John Scott, University of New England (AUS), “Telecommunications Impacts On The Structure And Organization of Male Sex Work.”

Penny Crofts, University of Technology, Sydney and Barb Brents, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Mainstreaming and Legalization: Comparing Legal
Prostitution in New South Wales and Nevada.”

Moriah McSharry McGrath, Portland State University, “Confl ict and Coexistence: Strip Clubs and Neighbors in “Pornland,” Oregon.”

The article is available at at http://www.cardozoaelj.com/wp-content/uploads/Journal%20Issues/Volume%2029/Issue%203/Weinstein%20McCleary%20Final.pdf

Keating Interviewed by WCPN Regarding Demolition in Response to Foreclosure

C|M|LAW and Levin College of Urban Affairs Professor Dennis Keating was interviewed for WCPN’s recent story on demolitions in response to the foreclosure and abandonment crisis. The program, including Keating’s interview, was included in the April 5, 2012, edition of NPR’s Business News segment.

Inniss Wins Research Grant from Princeton Archives

Professor Lolita Buckner Inniss

C|M|LAW’s Joseph C. Hostetler-Baker & Hostetler Chair in Law Lolita Buckner Inniss was awarded a Friends of the Princeton University Library reseach grant in the amount of $3400 to help support additional work at the Princeton University Archives. This award is in reference to her book project on The Princeton Fugitive Slave Case.  This represents the third award that Inniss has received based on her book proposal.

Keating Spoke at UNC on Foreclosure and Home Abandonment

On April 1, 2012, C|M|LAW and Levin College of Urban Affairs Professor Dennis Keating spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Responding to Foreclosure and Home Abandonment, co-sponsored by its Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Department of City and Regional Planning, and School of Law.

Sterio to Co-Edit Book on Maritime Piracy, and Serve as Secretary of Women in International Law

Associate Professor Milena Sterio was elected Secretary of the Women in International Law interest group of the American Society of International Law.  In addition, Professor Sterio has reached an agreement with Professor Michael Scharf (Case) and Oxford University to co-edit a book on maritime piracy.