Professor Kalir Interviews on WURD Radio on Congressional Subpoenas

On Thursday, April 26, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir was interviewed by Charles Ellison on WURD Radio in Philadelphia. The 20-minute interview dealt with the looming congressional subpoenas issue following the White House response, and the likely court battle between the two branches of government. Professor Kalir, responding to questions about a possible constitutional crisis, observed that the biggest risk he currently observes is a repetition of the “Travel Ban” saga, where most of the lower courts dealing with the issue were unanimous in their legal opinion, only to be reversed by the Supreme Court in a 5:4 decision. Such decision, Kalir predicted, may paint the Court in stark political colors and as an extension of the Executive Branch. This, contrary to the separate, independent branch of Government envisioned by the Founding Fathers,

This was Professor Kalir’s fourth appearance on the show.

Professor Sterio Presents Paper at ABA International Courts and Judicial Affairs Committee Teleconference

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio presented her paper, “The Role of Female Judges at International Criminal Courts,” at the bi-monthly conference call of the ABA ABA’s International Courts & Judicial Affairs Committee on April 26th. The Committee conducts bi-monthly teleconferences on subjects relevant to issues within the committee’s scope, and the subject of this month’s call was “Diversity in International Courts & Tribunals.”

Professor Sterio Participates in Taping of “Talking Foreign Policy” Radio Show on WCPN/90.3


Participants of the “Talking Foreign Policy” radio program (from L-R): Professor Jim Johnson, CWRU School of Law; Professor Paul Williams, American University Washington College of Law; Dean Michael Scharf, CWRU School of Law, Laura Graham, Director 

Professor Sterio participated in the taping of a new episode of the radio program “Talking Foreign Policy,” on the topic of the war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.  The episode was hosted, as usual, by Dean Michael Scharf, CWRU School of Law, and it will be broadcast on WCPN/90.3 on Tuesday, April 30, at 10:00 p.m.

Professor Sterio Organizes “A World in Disarray” International Law Conference



Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio organized a conference at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on April 25th, entitled “A World in Disarray: International Law, Sovereignty, and Interventions.”  The conference featured two panels, and a keynote session by Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations (the keynote was a moderated conversation between Richard Haass and Dean Lee Fisher).  Professor Sterio moderated the afternoon panel, entitled “The United Nations, Sovereignty and Interventions,” which featured Dean Michael Scharf, CWRU School of Law, Carina Van Vliet, CEO of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, and Professor Jennifer Trahan, NYU, as speakers.


From L-R: Richard Haass and Dean Lee Fisher

The morning panel was entitled “State Sovereignty, Interventions and Current Crises in Yemen and Syria; this panel was moderated by Tony Ganzer, radio host at WCPN/90.3, and featured Professor Paul Williams, American University Washington College of Law, Sandy Hodgkinson, former DoD and Department of State high-level official, and Pete Moore, Professor of Political Science as speakers.


From L-R: Professor Milena Sterio, Professor Michael Scharf, Carina Van Vliet, Professor Jennifer Trahan

Professor Robertson Speaks at Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Presents at University Circle

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, C|M|LAW’s Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law and a Professor of Environmental Studies at the Levin College, was the invited speaker at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Inside Science program. On Tuesday, April 16, Professor Robertson presented Toledo, Lake Erie, and the Rights of Nature Movement to members of the University Circle cultural institutions community of staff and volunteers.

Professor Sterio Discusses Book at Greater Cleveland International Lawyers’ Group Luncheon at the City Club of Cleveland

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio presented today at the Greater Cleveland International Lawyers’ Group monthly luncheon at the City Club of Cleveland, with Dean Michael Scharf, CWRU School of Law.  Professor Sterio and Dean Scharf discussed their latest book, “The Legacy of Ad Hoc Tribunals in International Criminal Law” (Cambridge University Press 2019).  Several of Professor Sterio’s students also attended the luncheon.

Professor O’Neill Quoted in ABA Journal

Professor Kevin O’Neill was quoted in the ABA Journal on a burgeoning question of First Amendment law: To what extent does the Speech Clause restrict efforts by elected officials, including President Donald Trump, to block critics from their social media accounts?

The article is available here.


Professor Green Lectures at Cleveland Institute of Art

On Tuesday, April 2nd, Professor Matthew W. Green Jr. lectured at the Cleveland Institute of Art on “Problematic Topics Broached During an Interview that May Implicate/Violate Anti-Discrimination Laws and What to Do About It.” The presentation was part of a course offered at the Institute on Professional Practices, in which Cleveland-area academics and practicing professionals visit and lecture on such topics as ethics, intellectual property rights, contracts and professional development. Professor Green’s lecture focused on employer obligations and employee rights under federal and Ohio anti-discrimination statutes.

Professor Kalir Interviews on WURD Radio, Comparing Israeli AG Findings with Muller Report

On Thursday, March 28, Charles Ellison’s WURD Radio in Philadelphia hosted Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir for a 30-minute interview. Some of the questions included the similarities and differences between the Muller Report and Israel’s AG findings regarding Prime Minister Netanyahu; a comparison of the Rule of Law (and the notion that no one is above the law) in the U.S. and Israel; the possibility of indicting – and then prosecuting – a sitting head of state; and a general conversation of constitutional law on the brink.

This was Professor Kalir’s second appearance on the show.

Sagers in Washington Post, The Hill

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke with both the Washington Post and the Washington political journal The Hill about recent antitrust matters surrounding the Apple computer corporation, in light of new product offerings in news and video and an antitrust inquiry initiated against it in Europe by the streaming music service Spotify.