Boise Appointed to Standards Review Committee of ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar

C|M|LAW Dean Craig M. Boise has been appointed to serve on the Standards Review Committee of the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar.  The Standards Review Committee is charged with reviewing proposed changes in, and additions to, all Standards, Interpretations, Rules, Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for the accreditation of law schools.  Proposed changes are referred to the Standards Review Committee by the Section’s Council for its review and recommendations.  Dean Boise was appointed to the Committee by Section Council chair, Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Lewis Speaks to Female Judges about Intestacy and Nontraditional Families

Professor Browne Lewis

Professor Browne Lewis

C|M|LAW Professor Browne Lewis recently spoke at the annual meeting of the National Association of Female Judges in New Orleans.  The audience consisted of female judges from the United States and several other countries.  Her talk focused upon the need for legislatures to change the intestacy system to accommodate nontraditional families.  She argued that judges should be given the flexibility to consider the best interests of the children when designating the heirs of the estate of a person who dies without executing a will.  For example, the current intestacy system negatively impacts children who are born into same-sex families.   In order to accomplish that judges should be able to expand the definition of legal parent to include adults who have parental-type relationships with children.

After her presentation, Professor Lewis signed and sold copies of her book, Papa’s Baby: Paternity and Artificial Insemination.

Information about the event is at:

Sundahl Quoted in SpaceNews Regarding Proposed Safety Guidelines for Human Spaceflight

C|M|LAW Associate Dean Mark Sundahl was quoted in a September 27, 2013, article in SpaceNews, regarding new proposed safety practices for commercial orbital and suborbital human spaceflight companies.  The safety practices have been proposed in response to the recent growth of private companies, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, that will soon be providing human spacelflight services to NASA and the public.  The article quotes Sundahl during a recent FAA teleconference where he commented that “if the intention of the document is to prevent Congress from stepping in to guide the process, I think we need to continue to consider whether the contents of the document are sufficient to do that.”  The entire article can be found here:

Borden Publishes on the the Role of Journalists in Caremark Litigation

Michael Borden

Professor Michael J. Borden

Congratulations to C|M|LAW Professor Michael J. Borden, whose article Of Outside Monitors and Inside Monitors: The Role of Journalists in Caremark Litigation, in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law.  In this article, Borden argues for a change in Delaware corporate law that would allow for competitive forces to improve the quality of corporate compliance programs, thus reducing hard to society from corporate illegality and improving shareholder welfare.  Specifically, he argues that courts should remove some obstacles that prevent plaintiffs in shareholder derivative actions from forcing defendant directors to demonstrate the efficacy of their compliance cases where outside monitoring by journalists appears to have detected illegal corporate actions before those actions have been detected by the internal monitoring of the compliance department.

To read the article abstract, click here:

Kalir Speaks on Same-Sex Marriage and Jewish Law at Michigan State Law School

Clinical Professor Doron Kalir

Clinical Professor Doron Kalir

On October 8, 2013, C|M|LAW Clinical Professor Doron Kalir presented his work in progress on Same-Sex Marriage and Jewish Law: A Contemporary Perspective to faculty and students at Michigan State Law School. Professor Kalir’s presentation was a part of Michigan State’s LGBT History Month events. In his remarks, Kalir argued that the notion that the Jewish Bible supports only a one-man and one-woman marriage model is intellectually indefensible, and that contemporary reflection on the text must lead us to recognize a much more tolerant approach.  In addition, Professor Kalir reviewed recent developments in Israeli Law on the subject, which let the Israeli Supreme Court to de-facto recognition of same-sex marriage conducted outside Israel.