Kerber Serves on Editorial Board for The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style, and Interviews for Judge4Yourself

C|M|LAW Legal Writing Professor Sandra Kerber served as one of the Board of Editorial Advisers for Bryan Garner’s The RedbookA Manual on Legal Style, Third Edition which was recently published by West Academic Publishing.  See:

In addition, she participated in the fall Judge4Yourself judicial interviews. The recent interviews were of candidates for Municipal Court. She will also participate in the next series of interviews for Common Pleas Judicial candidates. Judge4Yourself arranges for dozens of experienced lawyers to interview judicial candidates and evaluate their qualifications for the best. Ratings for the interviewed candidates are generated by four cooperating bar associations.   See:

Weinstein Publishes 2013 Edition of Federal Land Use Law & Litigation

C|M|LAW and Levin College of Urban Affairs Professor Alan C. Weinstein has published the 2013 edition of Federal Land Use Law & Litigation (Thomson Reuters,) a one-volume treatise that he co-authors annually with Brain Blaesser, Esq. The book examines all federal, constitutional, and statutory limitations on local land use controls, discussing cases, regulations, defense strategies, doctrines, and antitrust restrictions. It reviews Supreme Court and lower federal court decisions that consider the constitutionality of land use regulations and discusses complicated free speech issues affected by federal land use law and municipalities exercising home-rule powers.

For more information about this new edition, see:

Sundahl Publishes Book on Satellite Finance

C|M|LAW Associate Dean Mark J. Sundahl has just published The Cape Town Convention: Its Application to Space Assets and Relation to the Law of Outer Space.   In the book, Dean Sundahl examines the recently adopted UNIDROIT Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Space Assets Protocol which together create a new international regime of secured finance applicable to satellites, launch vehicles, and other types of space equipment.  In addition to explaining the operation of the convention and protocol, the book explores the relationship between these new instruments and the existing body of space law founded on the five UN treaties that were adopted in the 1960s and 1970s.

Further information can be found on the Brill website:

American Society for Law, Medicine, and Ethics Focuses Spotlight on C|M|’s Lewis

C|M|LAW’s Leon and Gloria Plevin Professor and Director of the Center for Health Law and Policy Browne C. Lewis was featured recently in the American Society for Law, Medicine, and Ethics’ Member Spotlight. ASLME used the member spotlight as a way for its Network for Public Health Law to introduce its Scholars in Residence program.  ASLME member Browne C. Lewis is one of their six selected scholars.  Through the Scholars in Residence fellowship, legal scholars work with public health agencies to face a variety of public health challenges. The program gives scholars field experience, while giving public health agencies access to legal experts.  Lewis is using her fellowship to work with the Cleveland Public Health Department to fight the problem of small cigar smoking in Cleveland. Small cigars have fewer federal regulations than cigarettes, and they are offered in kid-friendly flavors, making them seem less dangerous than cigarettes. Recently, the use of small cigars has dramatically increased among young adults.

To read the Member Spotlight, click here:

Lewis to Travel to Israel on a Fulbright Specialist Grant

Congratulations to C|M|LAW Professor Browne Lewis who will be traveling to Israel for 14 days in December as a Fulbright Specialist at Haifa University.  Lewis will be assisting the university in the areas of global and community health.  Professor Lewis’ project aims to foster a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas in the areas of reproductive health law.  During her visit, Professor Lewis will  conduct a workshop for participants from the fields of public health, reproductive health, sociology, and law.  She will go on a site visit to a legal clinic.  She will conduct a seminar with the nursing – law program’s graduates and current students, and work on development of an advanced studies curricula for a joint Nursing – Law program.  Finally, she will participate in a seminar with Haifa Fulbright scholars/alumni concerning the establishment of a Haifa Israel Fulbright Chapter.

The Fulbright Specialist Program promotes linkages between U.S. scholars and professionals and their counterparts at host institutions overseas.  The program awards grants to qualified U.S. faculty and professionals, in select disciplines, to engage in short-term collaborative two- to six-week projects at eligible institutions in over 140 countries worldwide.  Shorter grant lengths give Fulbright Specialists greater flexibility to pursue projects that work best with their current academic or professional commitments.

For more information about the Fulbright Specialist Program, click here:

Sterio’s Piracy Article Cited by the D.C. Circuit

C|M|LAW Professor Milena Sterio’s article on piracy, The Somali Piracy Problem: A Global Puzzle Necessitating A Global Solution, 59 Am. U. L. Rev. 1449 (2010) was cited by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in U.S. v. Ali (decided on June 11, 2013).  The case is available here, and Professor Sterio’s article is cited on page 3:$file/12-3056-1440653.pdf

Sundahl Speaks on Commercialization of Space at International Law Weekend

On September 19th, C|M|LAW Associate Dean Mark Sundahl spoke on a panel on Regulating and Incentivizing Commercial Space Markets at the International Law Weekend organized by the American Branch of the International Law Association at Washington University in St. Louis.  The panel covered a broad spectrum of issues related to the expansion of the commercial use of outer space.  Particular attention was paid to the regulation of the nascent space tourism industry and the likely legal issues that will arise when private companies, such as Virgin Galactic, begin ferrying private passengers to space in 2014.

Majette Interviewed by WEWS News Channel 5 Regarding the Affordable Care Act

C|M|LAW Professor Gwendolyn Roberts Majette was interviewed by WEWS News Channel 5 concerning the ongoing health care reform process and its implications.  That interview was broken into 5 segments that will air each night this week during the 6 pm.  news.  The first segment is tonight, Monday, September 23, 2013.   Professor Majette will be shown discussing the Affordable Care Act implementation and the upcoming opening of the Exchanges or Marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can purchase affordable health insurance.

Robertson Writes on Public Opinion Divisions on Shale Development around the World in Crain’s Cleveland Business

C|M|LAW Professor and Associate Dean Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, a regular contributor to Crain’s Cleveland Business’ Shale Report, has posted Ohio, U.S. are not alone in seeing public divided over shale development.  In this post, she briefly explores public reaction to potential shale oil and gas exploration and development in other parts of the world, noting that in some countries, individuals see no personal upside in shale exploration and development.  In particular, where residents do not own the mineral rights to the developed resource, they obtain no personal benefit from its development.  Instead, they suffer from the added noise, disruption and environmental damage and risk.  There is more support for shale development, understandably, in areas where residents see a potential individual benefit derived from their ownership interest in the resource.

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Sterio Discusses Child Pirates on WCPN’s “Talking Foreign Policy”, and International Criminal Prosecutions at SEALS

C|M|LAW Professor Milena Sterio participating in  Talking Foreign Policy” on Tuesday, September 10, on WCPN 90.3.  The discussion concerned combating maritime piracy, solving the problem of child soldiers/pirates, and the legality of bombing Syria.  In addition to Sterio, and “Talking Foreign Policy” host Michael Scharf (Case), the expert panel for this program included General Romeo Dallaire (former UN Force Commander), Sulakshna Beekarry (Chief of Piracy Prosecutions in  Mauritius), and Rosemelle Mutoka (Chief Piracy Judge in Kenya).

You can listen to the broadcast at:

In addition, Professor Sterio participated in the SEALS Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, FL.  where she spoke on a panel entitled “The Future of International Criminal Prosecutions” on August 8th.  Her remarks focused on the need for prosecutorial guidelines for the International Criminal Court prosecutor, which would provide more detailed rules about the appropriate exercise of prosecutorial discretion.