Professor Kalir Testifies Before Cuyahoga County Council

Doron Kalir PhotoOn Tuesday, June 26, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir testified before the Cuyahoga County Council. The Council considered proposed legislation banning discrimination against LGBTQ members based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Professor Kalir reviewed current Supreme Court jurisprudence on the subject, explained why the legislation was critical, and ended his testimony with the following statement: “Today is my son’s ninth birthday. He hopes to grow up in a county that treats all of its members with equal dignity, acceptance, and respect. For him, and for all the children like him, I urge the Council to pass this legislation.”
Many key figures of the LGBTQ activist community provided testimony and answered questions from the council members. Among those were Professor (Emerita) Susan Becker, who has been arguing LGBTQ cases for over 30 years; Alumna and Executive Director of Equality Ohio, Alana Jochum, alumna and ACLU Staff Attorney Elizabeth Bonham, and the CEO & President of NE Ohio Diversity Center, Peggy Zone Fisher. 

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    • You know that I didn’t mean washer but to assure equal opportunity for all. This is what happens when you dictate rather than type your response.

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