Our CSU|LAW faculty forms the heart and soul of our institution. Our faculty members are accomplished creative scholars diverse in backgrounds, interest and passions, but united in commitment to educating and inspiring the next generation of lawyers.

About Cleveland State University College of Law

Cleveland State University College of Law has been Cleveland’s downtown law school for 125 years. Our proximity to the city’s thriving legal, business, health care, and sports and entertainment industries, along with our accomplished faculty and exceptional alumni network, ensure that students find success in any field in which they choose to practice.

CSU College of Law graduates have a history that is strong in social justice, leading at the forefront of major social movements including women’s suffrage and civil rights. The current U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and two of Ohio’s seven Supreme Court Justices are CSU|LAW graduates.

Today, CSU|LAW remains at the forefront of legal education excellence and innovation:

  • CSU|LAW’s Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, Center for Health Law and Policy, Criminal Justice Center, and Global Space Law Center provide professional leadership while preparing students to enter positions in these expanding, critical fields through innovative courses, programming and practical research.
  • The P. Kelly Tompkins Leadership and Law program is one of the first programs in the country that trains lawyer-leaders by providing leadership education, skills training, and mentoring to law students.
  • The school’s comprehensive academic success programs have resulted in CSU|LAW’s state-leading bar passage rates and record employment.
  • CSU|LAW remains dedicated to social justice, with a thriving pro bono program and an exceptionally strong and longstanding clinical presence.
  • “Pop-up practicums” are short-term, practical legal experiences based on student interest aligned with faculty expertise that give our students unmatched access to applied legal work and the opportunity to make a difference though law.
  • CSU|LAW is one of the first law schools nationally to offer strategic support for entrepreneurial students through the Solo Practice Incubator.

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