Professor Falk Quoted in Article by Kansas City Star on Rape by Fraud

Professor Patti Falk was quoted in the following article:
Tony Rizzo, “Raymore man’s arrest puts rape by fraud issue in the spotlight,” Kansas City Star, October 27, 2016 (regarding the use of fraud to accomplish sexual assault). The article is available here.
Professor Falk was quoted in the article as follows:

Patricia Falk, a law professor at Cleveland State University who has written on the topic, said there are many other ways besides force that a perpetrator can use to overcome a victim, such as coercion, blackmail or deceit.

“We shouldn’t have such a narrow understanding of what constitutes sexual assault,” Falk said.

Sundahl Joins Panel on Asteroid Mining at New Worlds Conference in Austin, Texas

Professor Mark Sundahl joined two other panelists in Austin, Texas on Friday, November 4 to debate the challenges and solutions that face the U.S. government in regulating the emerging asteroid mining industry.  The panel was rounded out by Bob Richards, owner of Moon Express, and Laura Montgomery, the former lead lawyer at the FAA for licensing the launching and reetry of space vehicles.  The panel was organized and moderated by the General Counsel of Deep Space Enterprises, one of the driving forces behind this new industry.  As U.S. entrepreneurs continue to create companies engaged in non-traditional space activities, such as asteroid mining, the U.S. government faces the challenge of regulating these activities in a way that meets international obligations and facilitates U.S. industry, while minimizing any regulatory burdens.

Sundahl Named to Hague Working Group on Outer Space Resources

Professor Mark Sundahl was recently appointed to Hague Space Resources Governance Working Groupto participate in an international effort to explore an international approach to regulating the extraction of natural resources from the Moon and other celestial bodies.  The Working Group was created by the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands to address the legal issues that promise to arise as private companies (as well as governments) move forward with plans to harvest precious metals from near-Earth asteroids and extract water and other natural resources needed to support a permanent human presence on the Moon and Mars.

Professors Hayward and Brokering-Jacobs Present at Southern Clinical Conference at Charlotte Law School

On October 14, Professors Carole Heyward and Carolyn Broering-Jacobs presented at the Southern Clinical Conference at the Charlotte Law School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The title of their talk was Creating Assessment Tools for Faculty, Students, and Site Supervisors. During the workshop, Professors Heyward and Broering-Jacobs explored ways to assess student performance at project, course, and program levels using self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and faculty evaluation. They discussed ways that peer- and self-assessment tools can be used most effectively, proposed methods for creating assessment instruments, and described how these tools could be converted into feedback instruments as well.  Before the workshop, they conducted a survey of clinical and externship faculty to gather information about their use of various assessment tools.  At the start of the workshop, Professors Hayward and Broering-Jacobs shared the results of their survey and used the results as a starting point for discussion of assessment opportunities and tools.

Professor Brokering-Jacobs Participates in Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism

On October 21, Professor Carolyn Brokering-Jacobs participated in the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Commission on Professionalism’s Student to Lawyer Symposium.  The title of her talk was Using Grit and Growth Mindset to Foster Resilience and Professionalism in Law Students and Attorneys. The presentation introduced current research showing correlation between grit, growth mindset, and success in varied disciplines, then suggested several means for improving grit. Attendees then discussed several problems that a young lawyer might experience and considered how grit and growth mindset might affect the lawyer’s response to the problem.

Professor Emeritus Jim Wilson Quoted in Wall Street Journal Blog

Professor Emeritus Jim Wilson was quoted in a blog published in The Wall Street Journal entitled “What Law Professors Would Say to Students About Trump’s Win.”  The blog is available here.  Professor Wilson’s quote, which was also reprinted in Crain’s Cleveland Business, available here, is reproduced directly below:

Our community is very fractured right now. The ruling class seems to have gone overboard when utilizing its fundamental tool of “divide and conquer,” and many members of both factions are filled with self-righteous fury. Somehow, people of good will from both sides (and there are people of good will on both sides) must overcome these understandable emotions to band together to create a more decent society that addresses the serious problems our species face throughout the world. This election may create the space for new coalitions to form. There is always a place for friendship and reciprocity.



Professor Sterio Presents at ASIL Midyear Meeting in Seattle, WA

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio presented at the American Society of International Law Midyear Meeting and Research Forum at the University of Washington, Seattle, on November 12.  Professor Sterio’s paper, which was chosen from a competitive call for papers, was entitled “Secession: Proposal for a New Legal Framework.”

Professor Kowalski Participates in The Sound of Ideas on WCPN/90.3

Professor Ken Kowalski participated as a panelist in the WCPN/90.3 morning show, “The Sound of Ideas,” on November 7th.  The show focused on age discrimination in the work place, and in addition to Professor Kowalski, other panelists included Barbara Danforth, CEO, Summit Academy School, Elissa Perry, Professor of Psychology and Education, Columbia University, and Doug Tayek, Associate State Director of Outreach, AARP Ohio.  More information, including an audio and video of this episode of “The Sound of Ideas” is available here.


Sundahl Chairs Meeting of FAA Advisory Working Group in D.C.

Prof. Mark Sundahl chaired the meeting of the International Space Policy Working Group at the biannual meeting of the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) on October 26 in Washington, D.C.  The COMSTAC meeting draws leading space figures from industry, government and academia to provide advice and direction for the FAA’s regulation of commercial spaceflight.  Prof. Sundahl’s working group made recommendations to the FAA regarding a number of current issues facing the space industry, including export controls, radio spectrum allocation, and UN efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of space activity in the face of environmental hazards, such as space debris.  A video of the meeting can be watched here.