Professor Kalir Interviews on WURD Radio on Congressional Subpoenas

On Thursday, April 26, Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir was interviewed by Charles Ellison on WURD Radio in Philadelphia. The 20-minute interview dealt with the looming congressional subpoenas issue following the White House response, and the likely court battle between the two branches of government. Professor Kalir, responding to questions about a possible constitutional crisis, observed that the biggest risk he currently observes is a repetition of the “Travel Ban” saga, where most of the lower courts dealing with the issue were unanimous in their legal opinion, only to be reversed by the Supreme Court in a 5:4 decision. Such decision, Kalir predicted, may paint the Court in stark political colors and as an extension of the Executive Branch. This, contrary to the separate, independent branch of Government envisioned by the Founding Fathers,

This was Professor Kalir’s fourth appearance on the show.

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