Professors Hayward and Brokering-Jacobs Present at Southern Clinical Conference at Charlotte Law School

On October 14, Professors Carole Heyward and Carolyn Broering-Jacobs presented at the Southern Clinical Conference at the Charlotte Law School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The title of their talk was Creating Assessment Tools for Faculty, Students, and Site Supervisors. During the workshop, Professors Heyward and Broering-Jacobs explored ways to assess student performance at project, course, and program levels using self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and faculty evaluation. They discussed ways that peer- and self-assessment tools can be used most effectively, proposed methods for creating assessment instruments, and described how these tools could be converted into feedback instruments as well.  Before the workshop, they conducted a survey of clinical and externship faculty to gather information about their use of various assessment tools.  At the start of the workshop, Professors Hayward and Broering-Jacobs shared the results of their survey and used the results as a starting point for discussion of assessment opportunities and tools.

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