Professor Sterio Publishes Post on Intlawgrrls Regarding Blog’s 10-Year Birthday Conference

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio published a blog post on Intlawgrrls regarding her recent participation in this blog’s 10th Birthday Conference at the University of Georgia.  Professor Sterio’s post, entitled “Intlawgrrls 10th Birthday Conference: A Transformative Experience,” is available here.

Professor Falk Interviewed by Channel 5 on Ohio’s Marital Rape Exception

Professor Patricia Falk was interviewed by Channel 5 News on February 28 regarding the marital rape exception under Ohio law, in a segment entitled “In Ohio, it’s legal for a husband to drug and rape his wife.”  Professor Falk’s interview is available in this video clip.


Professor Green Publishes Article in the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice at the University of Iowa College of Law

Professor Matthew W. Green Jr.’s article entitled Same-Sex Sex and Immutable Traits: Why Obergefell v. Hodges Clears a Path to Protecting Gay and Lesbian Employees from Workplace Discrimination Under Title VII has been published in The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice at the University of Iowa College of Law. Professor Green’s article explores the ways in which Obergefell may be used to advance the rights of gays and lesbians in the area of employment discrimination.  Obergefell struck down state laws prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying.  Although the decision ostensibly addressed only marriage equality, the article argues that Obergefell’s identification of same-sex sexual intimacy as a fundamental right and recognition that sexual orientation is both immutable and a “normal expression of human sexuality” have the potential to protect workers from sexual orientation discrimination by significantly influencing the interpretation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Professor Sterio Presents at Intlawgrrls Anniversary Conference at University of Georgia

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio participated in the 10th Year Anniversary Conference of the Intlawgrrls Blog, of which Professor Sterio is one of six permanent editors, at the University of Georgia School of Law on March 2-3.  Intlawgrrls is a prominent academic blog dedicated to discussions of international law and policy and open to female contributors only.  Professor Sterio presented a paper entitled “The Karadzic Genocide Conviction: Knowledge, Inferences and Intent.”  In addition, she moderated a panel on international humanitarian law.

Professor O’Neill Quoted in The New York Times

Professor Kevin O’Neill was quoted in The New York Times in a article entitled “Across the Country, a Republican Push to Rein in Protesters.” According to Professor O’Neill, some of the recently proposed state laws may be unconstitutional. Professor O’Neill was quoted as follows in the article: ‘“There’s a First Amendment right of access to sidewalks, public squares and even public streets,” he said. “Heckling is a well-protected First Amendment right.”’ The New York Times article is available here:

Professor Kalir Presents at “Offering Sanctuary” Conference at Oberlin College

On March 28, Oberlin College hosted a day-long conference on “Offering Sanctuary”. The conference examined the remedies and support communities, cities, and higher-education institution may offer undocumented persons. The conference was attended by many spiritual leaders, including priests, reverends, and rabbis, and was extremely dynamic. Professor Kalir’s presentation focused on two issues: first, the clergy-penitent privileged and its recent interpretation by the Ohio courts (both state and federal); second, the legal implications of declaring a city, a church, or a college a “sanctuary.” Russel Gates, a student at the Civil Litigation Clinic, assisted in the preparation of the presentation and attended the conference as well.