Professor Laser Cited by Apple in Supreme Court Petition

Professor Christa Laser’s law review article, “The Scope of IPR Estoppel,” is cited by Apple in its petition asking the Supreme Court to intervene in its $1 billion legal dispute with CalTech. Professor Laser’s article is Christa LaserThe Scope of IPR Estoppel: A Statutory, Historical, and Normative Analysis, 70 Fla. L. Rev. 1127 (2018). 

The petition was highlighted by Professor Dennis Crouch in a PatentlyO blog post. The blog post points out that “Apple’s petition relies heavily on the work of Cleveland-Marshall Prof. Christa Laser and her 2018 Florida Law Review article,” while the opposing view is articulated by Professor Greg Dolin (University of Baltimore), who “penned a responsive article concluding that Laser’s approach is too narrow.”

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