Professor Sterio Speaks, Writes on Ukraine Conflict

Professor Milena Sterio co-authored a blog post with Professor Yvonne Dutton on the topic of “The War in Ukraine and the Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court” on Just Security, one of the most prominent blogs dedicated to discussions of national security law and international law.  The post is available here:

Professor Sterio also participated in a series of virtual trainings for Ukrainian government officials and civil society organizations’ representatives from August 28-September 2, on international criminal law, transitional justice, and human rights documentation.  The trainings were organized by the Public International Law and Policy Group.

Finally, Professor Sterio participated as panelist in a panel discussion entitled “How is Europe Handling the Ukrainina Crisis” on August 22. The panel discussion was organized by the Plus Institute, an Austrian NGO based in Vienna, Austria.

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