Professor Chien Publishes on Progressive Prosecutor Movement

Professor Shih-Chun Steven Chien has co-authored an article published in the Howard Law Journal.  The article, co-authored with Stephen Daniels (Senior Research Professor, American Bar Foundation), explores the “progressive prosecutor” movement.  Using data from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement, the article “investigates the importance of student motivations for attending law school and the connections to students’ career aspirations – in particular, the expectation of working as a prosecutor.” The article proposes “several policy recommendations about potential collaborations between prosecutors and law schools and between prosecutors and non-profits that may expand the presently small pool of potential hires,” and “discusses the importance of experiential learning opportunities that connect law students with reform prosecutors and the criminal justice system.” 

The article citation is: Shih-Chun Steven Chien & Stephen Daniels, Who Wants to be a Prosecutor? And Why Care? Law Students’ Career Aspirations and Reform Prosecutors’ Goals, 65 Howard Law Journal 173 (2021).

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