Professor Sterio Selected to Contribute Book Chapter on Gender and International Criminal Courts

Professor Milena Sterio has been selected, from a competitive call for papers, to contribute a chapter to the book project, “Reimagining Judging in Interntational Criminal Courts: A Gendered Approach.” The project is run by Professors Louise Chappell (UNSW Sydney, Australia), Rosemary Grey (University of Sydney), and Dr. Kasey McLoughlin (University of Newcastle, UK). Professor Sterio will contribute a chapter titled “The ICC Ongwen Sentencing Judgment Through a Feminist Lens.”  Professor Sterio’s chapter will re-write the ICC’s Ongwen case sentencing judgment from a feminist perspective.  Dominic Ongwen was a Lord’s Resistance Army senior leader in Uganda, and was recently sentenced by the ICC for various charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes. 

Information about the project is available here.

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