Professor Sterio Moderates Panel Discussions on the ICC Moot Court, Impact of Covid on Practicing International Law

Professor Sterio moderated a panel discussion on June 28 convened by the International Criminal Court Moot Court competition organizers. The panel centered around developing the ICC Moot Court problem and was attended by existing and future moot court judges, lawyers, and students.  The panel discussion was hosted by Leiden University Law School (in the Netherlands). 

Professor Sterio also moderated a panel discussion on June 17 entitled “Practicing and Teaching Law in the New Normal.”  This panel discussion was convened by the International Bar Association and centered around issues regarding the practice of international law and international criminal law during the pandemic.  Panelists included Professor Carsten Stahn (Leiden University, The Netherlands), Fabricio Guariglia, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, and Annalisa Reale, Chiomenti (Italian law firm).

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