Professor Robertson Publishes “Strategies and Tactics for Teaching Environmental Law”

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson recently published Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Environmental Law.  The book is part of a Wolters Kluwer law book publishing series on law teaching.  The series intends to provide insight and information for new law teachers generally and for seasoned law professors new to individual subject areas.  The original book in the series was the general guide to law school teaching for new (or not so new) law faculty by Cleveland-Marshall Professor Kevin O’Neill and Legal Educator-in-Residence Howard Katz (who also serves as series editor). 

In addition to the new volume on environmental law, the Strategies and Techniques series includes books on teaching civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, property, torts, administrative law, evidence, criminal procedure, professional responsibility, family law.  It also includes guides to teaching legal writing, academic success, and on integrating diversity and inclusion into core law school courses.  Law professors can access and download the individual books in the series at:   

Professor Robertson was selected to produce the volume on environmental law based both on her 1999 Columbia Environmental Law Review article “Methods for Teaching Environmental Law: Some Thoughts on Teaching Law Students to Practice” and her 25 years of experience in the field.  

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