Professor Witmer-Rich Reviews Supreme Court Criminal Decisions

On August 26, Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich presented a review of the previous year’s Supreme Court criminal law and procedure cases at the Federal Public Defender’s Federal Criminal Practice Seminar in Cleveland.

1 thought on “Professor Witmer-Rich Reviews Supreme Court Criminal Decisions

  1. Dear Jonathan: It must have been a sad, but dutiful challenge to comment on the Supreme Court about anything but I am sure you did a great job. A funny story about the Supreme Court’s decisions. One decision last June was the Bonta decision about the First Amendment shielding the members of an organization from disclosing contributors’ names. I used that case to argue that a nascent organization I represent again the Trial Court of Mass. shouldn’t have to disclose the names of its members because they feared retaliation. And I was able to cite a case I won on the proposition of organizational standing: NAACP v. Harris, 607 F.2d 514 (1st Cir. 1979). I hope your summer has been a good one, because now we are in a new school year. Be well and stay safe. Best, Alan

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