Robertson interviewed by The Allegheny Front (public radio) regarding Ohio and Pennsylvania regulation of oil and gas industry

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson was interviewed by public radio reporter and host Kara Holsopple for The Allegheny Front regarding some differences in the ways Ohio and Pennsylvania regulate the oil and gas industry and, in particular, the hydraulic fracturing technology. The interview, titled  “How Ohio Compares to Pennsylvania for Oversignt of Gas Industry” is available here:

This interview and an earlier interview with report Julie Grant were also used as background for another story in the same series.  The earlier story, “Some Ohio Citizens Who Complained about Oil and Gas Feel ‘Abandoned’ by the State,” aired on public radio in Pittsburgh and will be broadcast more broadly in the region.  It is one of a five-part series entitled “Who’s listening?” examining claims made by Ohio residents, and how state regulators have responded.  You may listen here:

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