Dean Fisher Op-Ed highlights importance of auto industry for Ohio

Ford Motor Company's Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 in Brook Park, Ohio, employs about 1,500 making 3.5-liter EcoBoost and 3.7-liter Duratech engines. (Beth Mlady/Special to, File, 2017)

Dean Lee Fisher published an op-ed on emphasizing the importance of the auto industry to Ohio’s economy, jobs, and tax base.  He cautions that changes in technology and the global economy, not to mention steel and aluminum tariffs, pose dangers to the auto industry, and that Ohio must work to ensure the continued vitality of this critical industry:  “having a false sense of security would be a mistake.”

Dean Fisher notes that the auto industry has a particular strong “multiplier effect” on jobs, citing research showing that “every auto manufacturing job creates seven additional jobs.”   He concludes that “[a]ll stakeholders, including the automakers, their labor partners, policymakers and economic development leaders, should continue to collaborate to ensure these plants continue to drive job growth in our state.”

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