Space Law at C|M|LAW: An Update

Prof. Mark Sundahl and the new Global Space Law Center at C|M|LAW have had a busy year so far in 2018.  From Washington politics to asteroid mining, the GSLC and its student-staffed Research Council has been active in this rapidly moving industry.  Here are some highlights from the past months:

  • ·      Prof. Sundahl chaired the recent ABA Space Law Symposium panel in Washington, D.C. on the newly reconstituted National Space Council which advises President Trump on his new space policies. Prof. Sundahl led a candid discussion among leading figures in the field of space law and policy regarding the NSpC’s recommendations to the administration.
  • ·      Prof. Sundahl also contributed to a White Paper for the United Launch Alliance (a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin) regarding the legal issues surrounding the manufacturing of rocket fuel from lunar ice deposits.
  • ·      The GSLC Research Council generated work product in support of two critical international projects in space law.  One initiative, the Hague Space Resource Governance Working Group, has been constructing the “Building Blocks” for an international framework governing space resource extraction (i.e. “asteroid mining”).  The other project, the UN Space Learning Group, is charged with determining the relative jurisdictions of two UN agencies, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, when regulating suborbital spaceplanes that straddle the divide between air space and outer space.
  • ·      For the first time, the new online course on Space Law was taught at C|M|LAW this summer.  The course was taught online and asynchronously in order to allow students from anywhere in the world to participate.  The course featured interviews with thought leaders in the space industry and will continued to be rolled out around the world in the coming years in order to build capacity in Space Law to serve a growing industry.

The 2018/19 academic year promises to bring new adventures in Space Law for our students!

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