Sagers Quoted in New York Times on Amazon; Yahoo Finance on Dating Services and Bloomberg on Ohio v. Amex

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, was quoted in the New York Times’ Sunday print edition in a story investigating the online retailer Amazon. Specifically, the Amazon’s entry into several lines with its own private-label products, and its rapid growth in some of them, have raised talk of antitrust risk. Some claim that Amazon has gotten that growth through anticompetitive conduct, including exploiting data on sales by its branded competitors on its own platform, excluding competitors from some parts of its website, and excluding them from in-home sales over the Amazon Echo. Sagers commented on what else would need to be known before the government or a private plaintiff could bring antitrust challenge, if the concerns prove well-founded.
He also spoke with Yahoo Finance for a story on the Match Group, a holding company that has rapidly acquired a portfolio of online dating sites, but has yet to face antitrust scrutiny for its acquisitions. Separately, he spoke with Bloomberg about Monday’s blockbuster Supreme Court opinion in Ohio v. American Express.
These stories, and Sagers’ comments in them, are the topic of discussion in other venues, like Fashion Law Blog and the industry newsletters JCK, ChannelNews, and Becker’s Hospital Review .

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