Professor Mika Presents at Association of Legal Writing Directors Biennial Conference

Professor Karin Mika presented at the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) Biennial Conference held at the University of Memphis Law School June 3-5th.  Her presentation was titled, “The Times are a Changing … and they’re not changing back anytime soon — meeting students where they are, not where we would like them to be.”. The presentation discussed the growing perception (and frustration) that students are ill-prepared to be attending law school and are difficult to teach.  The presentation discussed how the world we live in (information overload, helicopter parenting, increased stress, technology, over-scheduling, standardized testing formats in primary schools, etc….) has changed the nature of how students grow up and how they are educated prior to attending law school.  The presentation asserted that most students are not ill-equipped to learn, but learn differently and/or at different paces.  Professor Mika concluded that we must figure out how best to connect with our students (or revamping curriculum appropriately) rather than spending most of our time lamenting what students are not.

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