“Prosecuting Maritime Piracy” Published by Cambridge University Press – Professor Sterio Served as Editor and Chapter Contributor

CUP Piracy Book

Professor Milena Sterio with a newly published copy of “Prosecuting Maritime Piracy” at the Cambridge University Press stand at the Law and Society Annual Meeting 2015 in Seattle.

Cambridge University Press published “Prosecuting Maritime Piracy: Domestic Solutions to International Crimes” (edited by Michael P. Scharf, Michael Newton, and Milena Sterio).  In addition to her role as editor on this collected volume, Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio contributed two chapters: “Incorporating International Law to Establish Jurisdiction over Piracy Offenses: A Comparative Examination of the Laws of the Netherlands, South Korea, Tanzania, India, and Kenya,” and “Pirates’ Right to a Speedy Trial.”

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