Dean Fisher Writes on CSU Law Name Change

Dean Lee Fisher has published an article in Cleveland Magazine titled, “A New Era for CSU’s Law School: Why the Name Change Matters.” The article describes the process the Law School carried out to study and evaluate whether to remove the name “Marshall” from the name of the Law School. In the end, the CSU Board of Trustees decided to change the name of the Law School to the Cleveland State University School of Law.

Dean Fisher explained that the Law School’s “careful, thoughtful, deliberate process modeled what we teach our law students: including the importance of due diligence, due process, inclusiveness, transparency and the need to listen to, respect and understand the viewpoints of others.”

1 thought on “Dean Fisher Writes on CSU Law Name Change

  1. As always, Dean Fisher is thoughtful and considerate of everyone. He is correct to associate honors, such as names, with present-day values. Since this school’s motto implementing its values is “Learn Law | Live Justice” the university had no other choice. Knowing that change is always difficult, he steered the ship steadily. Because everyone knows they had a say and that they were respected, it makes it easier for everyone to adapt to the decision. If only our body politic could approach decision-making this way! Best, Alan

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