Professor Kalir Interviews with Business Insider on Chilling Effects and Freedom of Speech in Florida.

On March 15, the Business Insider published a piece discussing a recent move by the DeSantis Administration in Florida to revoke an alcohol license from a Hyatt Hotel in Miami. The threatened revocation was in response to the hotel hosting last December — and for the eighth year in a row — a show titled “The Drag Quin Christmas Show.” Never before has this show seem to offend Florida law, but this year it has, according to a Complaint filed by Florida administrators. Professor Kalir, who was cited in the piece, opined that the very filing of the Complaint — regardless of its legal consequences — may serve the Administration in two ways: First, it may cause a “chilling effect” on both future performers and future venue-managers when it comes to the hosting (or performing in) future drag shows; and, second, even if defeated in Court, the very filing of the complaint may score political points with the Administration’s base. Thus, the move can be seen as a “win-win” for the Administration regardless of its legal consequences. Still, Professor Kalir argued, it violates the very foundations of the bedrock principle of Freedom of Speech, as well as principles of non-intervening Government and personal responsibility.  

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