CSU Law Cybersecurity Program Featured on Bloomberg Law

CSU Law’s Cybersecurity programs were featured in an article in Bloomberg’s “Law School Innovation Program,” in an article titled, “How Innovative Law Schools Foster Student Development.” The article highlights CSU Law’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy certificate program, as well as the Masters of Legal Studies in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. The article notes that CSU’s programs “provide students the chance to acquire mastery of the technical aspects of cybersecurity and to work together with students from other disciplines on real-life situations where the legal and technical issues intersect.”

The article quotes Professor Brian Ray, Director of CSU Law’s Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection. Professor Ray explains, “Our faculty and staff are constantly working to develop new programs and identify outside opportunities for our students to develop skills and engage in experiences to prepare them for existing and new careers in law and law-related fields.”

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