Professor Kalir Presents at an AEN Event On Israel’s Recent Election

Professor Doron Kalir was an invited speaker in Miami at a conference of the Academic Engagement Network, a national academic organization designed to oppose the efforts to delegitimize Israel on campuses. At AEN’s recent Miami conference, Professor Kalir spoke on the recent elections in Israel and their implications for Jewish students nationwide.

In his presentation, Kalir lamented the move of the Israeli Government towards the ultra-religious right, and warned of its likely damage to the rule of law in general, and to the Israeli Supreme Court in particular — a damage that might be irreversible. As for the students on American campuses, Professor Kalir suggested a more nuanced understanding of  the term “pro-Israel”: On the one hand, an express support for Israel’s right to exist — in particular in light of the current wave of Antisemitism in America; and on other hand, an express denouncement of the current Government’s policies. 

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