Professor Kalir Interviewed on Attempt to Disqualify Trump from the Presidency

Professor Doron Kalir was quoted in an article on Verify titled, “Whether 14th Amendment applies to Trump depends on 3 eligibility questions.”

In the wake of former President Trump’s announcement that he will run for the presidency again, House Democrat Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) is considering legislation to disqualify him from doing so based on the 14th Amendment’s Disability Clause (Section 3). In short, the Clause prevents some persons who “engaged in insurrection” to run for certain offices.

Professor Kalir, who was interviewed by Verify about the issue, opined that the Clause cannot apply to Trump for two reasons: First, the President is not listed in the Clause as one of the persons who could potentially “engage in insurrection.” And second, even if he did, while the Clause prevents a run to many an office, it does not prevent a run for the office of Presidency itself. Accordingly, according to Kalir, the Clause does not apply to Trump, and cannot prevent him from running for office.

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