1 thought on “Professor Kalir Publishes Op-Ed on Affirmative Action

  1. Dear Professor Kalir: I sent the following messages to several, including Dean Fisher:
    You might say that I am a “glutton for punishment” and you would be right; I listened to the arguments in the Harvard and North Carolina cases from beginning to end. Any objective take on those arguments would find both cases affirmed. The AG even threw the justices a “bone” by saying that if this required Harvard to give up ALDC (this is not a baseball championship term but, as you, Reggie, pointed out in your excellent article in the Washington Monthly, stands for Athletic, Legacy, Dean’s List, and Children of Faculty and Staff) then the U.S. would support it. And we should not be surprised by the overruling of precedent in Grutter, Fisher, and Justice Powell in Bakke, as the wrecking crew will craft the decision to fit their political narrative and we just saw that happen in June with Roe v. Wade becoming history. Turning the reasoning inside out and backwards, the plaintiffs relied on Brown and that will be the ultimate insult. As “Chester A. Riley” (William Bendix) said in “The Life of Riley,” “what a revoltin’ development this is!”

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