Professor Sterio Presents and Writes on the Ukraine Conflict

Professor Milena Sterio presented as a panelist at a Ukraine Knowledge Sharing webinar, organized by the Public International Law and Policy Group, on August 4th, on the topic of Case Building and International Criminal Investigations.  The webinar was organized for the benefit of Ukrainian civil society organizations and representatives from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Professor Sterio has been working on developing a High Court for War Crimes for Ukaine.  The High Court would be a specialized court within the Ukrainian legal system specialized on the prosecution of war crimes.  Professor Sterio and three of her colleagues involved in the same effort, Professors Paul Williams and Yvonne Dutton and Dean Michael Scharf have co-authored a blog spot on this topic; the blog post is available here:

Finally, Professor Sterio published an article with Jurist about the war in Ukraine and various violations of international law that have been committed by Russian forces and Russian leadership during the war.  Professor Sterio’s article is available here:

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