Professor Robertson Joins “Institute for Energy Law” Board of Advisors

Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson has been invited to join the Board of Advisors of the Institute for Energy Law.  Law school membership in IEL is by invitation only and based on the law school’s energy law capacity in terms of available courses and faculty expertise.  Robertson’s position on the IEL Board brings with it many benefits for the law school and for students interested in energy law.  For example, with Robertson’s Board position, the law school becomes a member of IEL and will receive IEL publications, the Energy Law Advisor, Oil & Gas E-Report, Young Energy Professionals’ Newsletter,  and The Energy Dispatch.  The law school will also receive access to IEL’s Digital Library, which contains substantive papers produced for IEL conferences. In addition to her own complimentary attendance at IEL’s Annual Energy Law Conference each year, Robertson will be able to nominate up to two students to attend at no cost. 

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