Professor Hoffman Publishes on Designing an “Americans With Abilities Act”

Professor Laura Hoffman, with a group of other scholars, has published an article in the Boston College Law Review, titled, “Designing an Americans with Abilities Act: Consciousness, Capabilities, and Civil Rights.”

The article discusses the seminal legislation protecting the rights of persons with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act. It highlights the successes as well as shortcomings of the ADA, and takes the next step of proposing a “new piece of legislation that fully incorporates the advanced technology available to individuals, while promoting a more positive understanding of advancing rights and capabilities.” The article describes a “proposed Americans with Abilities Act (AWAA),” designed to “correct the deficiencies in the ADA, ultimately allowing individuals with disabilities to integrate more fully into society.”

The article, which in addition to Professor Hoffman is co-authored by scholars at Yale Law School, Harvard Medical School, the Weill Cornell Medical College, and Penn State Law, is available here.

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