Professor Hoffman Publishes Article on Telehealth

Professor Laura Hoffman has published an article, titled “Reconnecting the Patient: Why Telehealth Policy Solutions Must Consider the Deepening Digital Divide,” in the Indiana Health Law Review, Volume 19, No. 2.  The article explains the digital divide and its impact in access to telehealth for various populations including 1) race/minority populations, 2) aging adults, 3) individuals with disabilities, 4) non-English speakers, 5) individuals living in rural areas, 6) socioeconomic class, and 7) children.  Further, the article argues policy solutions involving telehealth must adequately address the various issues involved in the digital divide in order to prevent the furthering of existing healthcare disparities as well as ensure the success of telehealth for these populations.  The article is available here: 

Dr. Hoffman is Visiting Professor of Law and Acting Director of the Center for Health Law and Policy.

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