Professor Sterio Speaks About Ukraine

Professor Milena Sterio participated as a panelist in an event entitled “Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War” on May 5.  The event was part of Tri-C’s Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies program’s Crisis in Ukraine series.  Professor Sterio’s remarks focused on accountability for those who commit gender based and sexual violence crimes in international armed conflict.

Professor Sterio also moderated a panel discussion on May 6, on the topic of “The Future of the Peace Process in Ukraine.” The panel discussion was organized by the Public International Law and Policy Group and featured the following speakers: Bohdan Vivitsky, U.S. Department of Justice and former Resident Legal Avisor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine; Victor Rud, expert on Russia/Ukraine/U.S. relations; Professor Paul Williams, American University Washington College of Law; and Ambassador Sven Alkalaj, Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations.

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