Professor Sterio Presents on Child Soldiers and the ICC

Professor Milena Sterio participated in the American Society of International Law – Midwest Interest Group Workshop on January 28th.  Professor Sterio presented her paper, “The Ongwen ICC Case: How to Punish a Victim-Perpetrator?”  In her paper, Professor Sterio discusses the recent International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecution of Dominic Ongwen, a Lord’s Resistance Army leader who had been abducted as a child by the LRA but later rose through its ranks, became a leader, and committed numerous atrocities.  Ongwen was convicted by the ICC and sentenced to twenty-five years imprisonment.  Professor Sterio discusses whether Ongwen’s sentence was appropriate and whether it adequately took into account Ongwen’s status as both a child soldier/victim and also perpetrator.

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