Professor Sterio Presents at Two Events on Europe

Professor Milena Sterio presented as a panelist on 11/19 at an event entitled “Future of Peace in Eurasia.”  This event was part of World Trade Organization’s Trade for Peace Week, and it was co-sponsored by the WTO and the Public International Law and Policy Group.  Professor Sterio’s remarks focused on the role of trade and the role of the WTO in resolving the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed area between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Professor Sterio also participated as a panelist in a 11/18 event organized by the Atrocity Prevention Study Group and the Stimson Center at George Mason University, on the topic of “Looking at the Bosnian Municipalities Cases Through the Mladic Prosecution.”  In her remarks, Professor Sterio discussed the lack of the genocide conviction for General Mladic regarding crimes committed in Bosnian municipalities, as compared to his genocide conviction for crimes committed in Srebrenica. 

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