Professor Plecnik Recognized by Fox 8 News

On October 21, 2021, Fox 8 News recognized Professor John Plecnik on live TV as one of “Cleveland’s Own” for his decade of service as a legal scholar and teacher at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University.  Fox 8 News praised Professor Plecnik for being named Professor of the Year twice and noted his service as a Lake County Commissioner.

Fox 8 News runs their television segment of “Cleveland’s Own” to celebrate and highlight people, organizations and charities making a difference in Northeast Ohio.

1 thought on “Professor Plecnik Recognized by Fox 8 News

  1. Dear John, Congratulations on a much deserved recognition. It was good to see you last Friday and learn of some of the things you are doing. I am looking forward to seeing you when the BOV again meets in person. Meanwhile, stay safe and be well. Best, Alan

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