Professors Ray, Opsitnick Quoted on Cyberattacks

Two Cleveland-Marshall Law professors were quoted in a recent article titled “FirstEnergy hack is cyber-thieves’ latest effort to swipe personal info.”

Professor Brian Ray noted that large hacks of customer data are increasingly common. He explained, “The more connected we are, the more we put online, the bigger the surface area becomes and the harder it is to protect it all.”

The article also quotes C|M|LAW Adjunct Professor Tim Opsitnick, general counsel for TCDI, a legal technology and information security firm. Professor Opsitnick explained how cyberattacks and ransomware is becoming more common, as it has become less and less expensive. He explained, ““There are a lot of people participating, including state-sponsored entities and organized crime. There is a lot of money in it.”

Professor Ray is the Director of C|M|LAW’s Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection. Professor Opsitnick teaches a variety of cybersecurity courses at C|M|LAW.

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