Professor Oh Publishes Essay on Critical Race Theory

Professor Reginald Oh has published an article titled “An Academic Theory Has Become the 21st Century’s Willie Horton” in the Washington Monthly. In the article, Professor Oh argues that “the Right is exploiting Critical Race Theory (CRT) to trigger explicit and implicit racial biases about what it deems to be dangerous, radical African American ideologies.”

Professor Oh contends that “the attacks on CRT are based on Big Lies that castigate complex legal scholarship as absolutist, dogmatic ideology laying out a programmatic blueprint for laying waste to the American social order.”

Professor Oh identifies four general themes of CRT scholarship:

  • “First, CRT is committed to achieving racial equality and justice.”
  • “Second, CRT seeks to achieve its broad goals of racial justice and equality by embracing the full complexity of race, racism, and social reality.”
  • “A third general feature of CRT is careful, nuanced analysis,” characterized by a “more thoughtful and introspective” voice.
  • “Fourth, CRT emphasizes nonviolence, community building, and even friendship.”

Professor Oh argues readers to familiarize themselves with the actual content of CRT scholarship. He concludes that “defending CRT is ultimately about defending truth and democracy.”

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