Professor Oh Publishes Article on Segregation and the Killing of George Floyd

Professor Reginald Oh has published an article in Washington Monthly titled “Geography Helped Kill George Floyd.”

In the article, Professor Oh discusses the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, and argues that “the trial should be seen, not just as the trial of a rogue police officer, but as a trial of policing in the context of systemic racial segregation and racial dehumanization.” Professor Oh draws parallels between George Floyd’s killing and that of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, arguing that both killings are connected by the evil of racial segregation. He contents that “[r]acial segregation . . . kills Black people.”

Professor Oh argues that police must be trained to resist the dehumanization that naturally flows from racial segregation. He concludes that police must be taught “to see the Black people they are sworn to protect in their full humanity,” and to “begin to reorient policing away from reinforcing segregation to dismantling it.”

1 thought on “Professor Oh Publishes Article on Segregation and the Killing of George Floyd

  1. This is an excellent article. The call for an end to racial segregation must be the nation’s priority, as it is to get vaccinations into the arms of everyone; it must be constant and never-ending, and this means movements like Black Lives Matter and other societal pressures must not let up. This is difficult in a society that has a short attention span and in which the Civil War never ended, but took different forms. That war continues.

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