Professor Sterio Presents, Advises on International Law Topics

Professor Milena Sterio presented at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting on April 7th.  Her paper was titled “Women at the International Criminal Court” and it focused on the under-representation of women as judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys at the ICC.

Professor Sterio also presented to a cohort of Ukrainian politicians and lawyers (representatives from the Ukrainians Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Reintegration, as well as other government entities) on the topic of “Human Rights Documentation and Transitional Justice in Ukraine” on April 8.  Professor Sterio had been working with the Ukrainian ministries as an expert on the drafting of their new transitional justice laws.

Finally, Professor Sterio moderated a closed roundtable expert discussion on April 9 on the topic of the Special Court for Darfur.  The roundtable discussion was convened by the Public International Law and Policy Group, which has been working with the Sudan government on the creation of the Special Court for Darfur, an accountability mechanism whose establishment is part of the Juba Peace Agreement.  Professor Sterio has been working as an expert with the PILPG and the Sudan government on these efforts.  The roundtable discussion was attended by experts in the U.S. and Europe, as well as from Sudan.  

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