Professor Oh Publishes Op-Ed on the Dehumanization of Asian Americans

Professor Reginald Oh has published an op-ed on DemCast titled, “Thoughts on the Dehumanization of Asian Americans.” Professor Oh addresses the “senseless murders of six Asian women and the spate of anti-Asian violence amid the pandemic,” and argues the America’s history of dehumanizing Asian Americans is a key to understanding the problem.

He identifies a path forward through a process of “rehumanization”–“treating a dehumanized group as people once again.” This includes “learning about the victims and searching for their core humanity,” as well as “listening to their stories.” Rehumanization also includes “using the language of humanity in talking about Asians.” Professor Oh explains, “[t]he language of humanity and empathy needs to drown out the language of dehumanization.”

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