Professor Oh Publishes Two Op-Eds

Professor Reginald Oh has published two op-eds on Demcast.

The first is titled “The Constitutionality of Convicting a Former President for High Crimes,” and argues that the Senate has the authority to convict a former president. He concludes, “Ultimately, whether the Senate acquits or convicts Trump, they should do so on the merits, not on jurisdictional grounds. The Constitution demands it.”

The second op-ed is titled “The Postmaster General is Unconstitutional,” and argues that the current process for appointment of the postmaster general is unconstitutional, because this office should be viewed as “a principal officer.” As such, Professor Oh explains, “the only person who has the power to appoint him is the president,” and the “[t]he statute authorizing the Board of Governors to appoint the Postmaster General . . . violates the Appointment Clause.”

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