Professor Sterio Writes on “Attacks” Under International Law

Professor Milena Sterio co-authored a blog post (with Eian Katz and Jonathan Worboys, Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG)), “Attacks” Against Hospitals and Cultural Property: Broad in Time, Broad in Substance, which was published by Articles of War, an academic blog operated out of the Lieber Institute at West Point.  In this post, Professor Sterio and her co-authors discuss the definition of “attacks” under the International Criminal Court (ICC) statute.  This blog post is based on the Amicus Brief which Professor Sterio and her colleagues at the PILPG recently submitted to the ICC in the Ntaganda case.  The post was an invited contribution to the online symposium ran by Articles of War about the ICC’s Ntaganda case.  

The blog post is available here:

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