Professor Robertson Presents at Vermont Law School Environmental Law Colloquium

On September 26, Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson participated in Vermont Law School’s Annual Environmental Scholarship Colloquium.  The annual event, usually conducted in-person in S. Royalton, Vermont, was held on-line. Below is an image from the colloquium (Professor Robertson in the center).


Robertson presented her work-in-progress, Local Governments, Home Rule and the Rights of Nature: Lessons from Afar on Protecting Close to Home. In addition, she commented on the works-in-progress of her co-panelists — Alice Kaswan (San Fransciso), Creating Home: Multilevel Governance Structures for Emerging Climate Migration, and Jonathan Rosenbloom (Vermont), Land Use Justice: Concrete Steps to Alleviate Embedded Racial Bias in Land Use Codes.

Robertson is the Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law at C|M|LAW, and Professor of Environmental Studies at the Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University.

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