Israeli Newspaper Publishes Letter to the Editor by Professor Kalir

On April 9, 2020, the Israeli paper Ha’Aretz (“Israel’s NYT”), published a Letter to the Editor penned by Clinical Professor of Law Doron Kalir. The letter tried to explain the reason behind the recent move by Benny Gantz – until recently, the head of the opposition to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu – to break up his own party and become a government member under Netanyahu. The move – unprecedented in Israeli politics, and perhaps worldwide – came after three successive election campaigns where Ganz promised, again and again, to never team up with Netanyahu. Kalir opined that, as the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Military (IDF), Ganz has been used – during his entire adult life – to make decisions on his own, without much consultation. When he commanded, no one was allowed to dispute his orders – lest they will be court-martialed. His basic misunderstanding, the Letter suggested, is that in the democratic arena, the rules are different. Here, the People are the real sovereign and their representatives should serve their will, not vice-versa.

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